Nancy Prior

Nancy Prior’s series of etchings and photographs was created during a residency at the Sou’wester Lodge, a historic lodge and collection of vintage travel trailers in Long Beach, WA. A soft etching ground was applied to four copper plates that were thrown in the ocean at high and low tides. The series documents the process.

Nancy Prior is multidisciplinary artist who makes prints because the process allows for, and sometimes demands, waiting. Waiting for things to get wet, to dry, to soak overnight, to be etched and agitated, slows down the hectic process of trying to attach ideas to paper.

Nancy is the director of No. 2 Print Shop, an artist collective and printmaking studio in SE Portland. She also collaborates on a project with Adam Moser called LIKEWISE, a bar that exists to support artists and their practice, and home of the first ever bartender in residency program.



Dr. Bob Pliny

Welcome to the vibrant world of Dr. Bob Pliny, who, through effusive use of text and image, contemplates the nature of being, how we see ourselves and others, and our place in the world.

I have come to feel that the most effective way to approach the study of being is to do it with an attitude of childlike wonder and joy. —Dr. Bob Pliny



A Rampage of Mud & Boulders

A Rampage of Mud and Boulders is an exploration of place. The stories are a mix of fictionalized history and personal narrative spun from small town urban legends and tall tales. With these broadsides, I hoped to capture and honor the quirky and unique personalities contained within the mundane, everyday nature of life. —Clare Carpenter



Michelle Iris Latham explores the tensions between humankind and nature through lithographs and etchings. Her work subtly challenges the often-perceived dichotomy between civilization and the natural world. Michelle’s techniques include lithography, acrylic drypoint, copper plate photogravure, and mixed media. Her work is on display in Back Matter, a gallery space within 23 Sandy Gallery, from November 7—December 20, 2014.